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Until the 1800s, false teeth were made of animal bone ivory or actual human teeth. These teeth came from poor people who sold their teeth and from dead bodies. Don't worry! Our denture clinic in Toronto uses ceramic.

The process of manufacturing dentures starts by heating a sheet of wax and pressing it onto a rough plaster model of the patient's mouth taken by the dentist. The lab technicians use this model to prepare what's called an impression tray - what your dentist will use to make a rubber mold to cast your dentures.

We'll apply an acrylic material over the wax lining, forming a handle so we can remove it easily afterward. Once the acrylic hardens, we'll pull it out of the model and discard the wax. Your dentist will fill this new acrylic tray with rubber to take a final impression. Our lab uses the hardened rubber as a negative mold of the patient's mouth. We fill fit it with plaster to make a more precise model.

Next, we use the new model to make the part of the denture that fits on top of the gums. They take special orthodontic acrylic and press it into the model to form what's called the base plate. Then, we heat a sheet of wax to form a rim on the base. This new acrylic and wax model now goes back for another fitting in the patient's mouth.

Your dentist will take a series of measurements to show the lab exactly where to place the teeth. The model goes back to the lab where technicians select the teeth that will best suit the size of the patient's mouth. The teeth are then installed one-by-one into the wax rim. Then, they send the model back to the dentist for the final fitting. The dentist will check that everything is centered and that the patient's bite is properly aligned.

If the model fits well and looks good, then the lab will finally begin to manufacture the dentures. They'll position the model in a special holder called a flask and then attach channels through which the acrylic will be later injected. This acrylic will replace the wax that is holding the teeth in place. First, to get rid of the wax, we have to cast a plaster mold to hold the teeth in place. Once the plaster dries, it will be submerged in hot water for five minutes to melt the wax inside.

The plaster mold will be rinsed with warm water to get rid of any plaster residue. Then they apply a separator - a chemical that will keep the acrylic from sticking to the plaster mold, just like greasing the pan when you are baking. Acrylic is then forced into the plaster mold and hardened. An ultrasonic bath gets rid of any remaining plaster. We'll polish the acrylic with pumice and then shine it up with a polishing compound. The set of dentures is finally ready. That's how dentures are made in our denture clinic in Toronto.

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