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The Hidden Decay

By June 29, 2018August 16th, 2018No Comments

In dentistry, problems can be very visible, while other times a good set of X-rays along with a comprehensive examination are required to find issues that may be lurking in hard to see areas. In this case, it was evident that these older fillings were worn down, leaking bacteria into the tooth, causing large areas of decay to grow. At the time of their finding, the patient was not in any discomfort. However if they were not treated in a timely manner, they would surely have caused eventual pain as the decay approaches the nerve of the tooth.

The following pictures show the process in treating this type of situation. After evaluating the teeth and location of the decay, we remove the old failing fillings, and begin the process of removing the underlying decayed tooth structure. Once all the decay is effectively removed, we can start the process of aesthetically restoring the tooth with a composite resin that is matched to the existing tooth shade. The new filling is then adjusted and highly polished to achieve a beautiful result.


Many times we hear patients say, “Doc I feel great! I don’t need an exam or x-rays.” It is important to remember that diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes do not necessarily “hurt” either. However, they are serious problems that continue to get worse unless treated in a timely fashion. The same holds true in dentistry. Depending on your evaluation, your dentist will recommend the appropriate x-rays needed to properly examine and diagnose your oral cavity.

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